Expressive Therapies Summit 2015 has ended
SCHED is a great tool that enables you to create a personal schedule that you can view at home or on your mobile device. Please note that creating a schedule on SCHED does not register you for the Summit!  To register for the Summit, please visit www.expressivetherapiessummit.com and use the Click to Register link in the upper right of any page.

Deborah Ross, LPC, CJT

Deborah Ross, LPC, CJT, has had an active psychotherapy practice in Northern Virginia for 20 years, focusing on both individual and couples counseling. She studied neuroscience at the Mindsight Institute with Dan Siegel. An avid journaler, Deborah recognizes the healing power of expressive writing and believes that this practice can change the way our brains work so that we experience a deeper sense of well-being and greater resilience. She is credentialed as a certified journal therapist through the Therapeutic Writing Institute. Deborah offers journaling instruction through workshops and private consultation.